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Wednesday, 15 February 2006

The Methods of Nonviolent Struggle in Burma

Nonviolence International
Aureliť Andrieux
Diana Sarosi
Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan
December 2005, 72 pages
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This brief publication introduces the general public to the methods of nonviolent struggle being used to oppose, undermine or refuse cooperation with military rule in Burma/Myanmar. Many reports have focused on opposition activities involving a variety of ethnic minority groups, resident within Burma/Myanmar, who have been engaged in an armed struggle against the military regime virtually since the end of colonial rule.

In contrast, this publication focuses on the population of central Burma, whose activists are associated with the political parties which won seats in the 1990 elections. These activists have waged a predominantly nonviolent campaign to assume their place in the countries political life to which they were popularly elected, but to which the ruling military junta has prohibited them.The types of actions these political activists undertake, and why they believe it makes a difference are not well known, both due to the lack of a common political vocabulary for journalists to report on nonviolent struggle, and due to the lack of access most journalists have to the country.

We reveal in this report the story hidden behind the human rights reports- the nonviolent struggle against military rule in Burma/Myanmar


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