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Here are 10 great US groups promoting nonviolence in the United States. Nonviolence training is so important right now,  and nonviolence groups are routinely underfunded compared to environmental, feminist, health, LGBT, and many social change groups.  (Other groups underfunded are anti-war groups and anti-poverty social change groups.) Please over emphasize nonviolence groups in your giving.

These are groups Nonviolence International vouches believes are making a difference. There of course many others worthy of support. (and many international nonviolence groups as well).

Waging Nonviolence

A fabulous blog on nonviolence. Great place for nonviolence news and analysis.

Center for Nonviolent Communication

Promotes a brilliant approach to interpersonal communication that is widely practiced in more than 50 countries.

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Is the coalition of religious peace fellowships in the United States for the last 100 years. Has done a lot to support the Black Lives Movement in the last 2 years.

Resource Center for Nonviolence

Promoting nonviolent social change locally and internationally. Based in Santa Cruz county, California.  A truly inspirational resource center.

Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Led by Kathy Kelly who should win the Nobel Peace Prize, VCN has focused on supporting nonviolent movements in Afghanistan, Syria and other countries who have suffered from US war-making.

War Resisters League

The organization is 100 years old. A fabulous group promoting conscientious objection and nonviolent revolution. They have focused on police violence in recent years.

Beautiful Trouble 

A top-notch group focused on teaching creative, really creative nonviolent resistance and civic mobilization.

Metta Center for Nonviolence

The most important education resource center about Gandhian Nonviolence in the US.

Training For Change

A top notch training outfit.  They specialize in training trainers and facilitators for nonviolent social change.

Pace E Bene and Campaign Nonviolence

Promoting a culture of peace and organizing nonviolent training around the country.

(We have omitted Peace Teams from this list including Nonviolent Peaceforce, Peace Brigades International, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Meta Peace Teams, Gandhi BrigadesWitness for Peace, and others that do accompaniment and 3rd party nonviolent intervention. All are worthy of support also.)

We hope this is helpful during this giving season. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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