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For 20 years, Nonviolence International (NI) has advocated and educated the Middle East about nonviolent people power through conferences, seminars, films, books, trainings, speaking tours, and the internet. NI achieves this by translating articles, books, news updates and documentaries in Arabic and Farsi. The NI website is home to the world’s largest annotated bibliography on Peace and Islam.

In Syria, NI distributed thousands of copies of films on nonviolent action and provided coaching for nonviolent political leaders. NI also coordinated with American University in Washington, DC to co-organize an expert seminar on Syria involving US government, academia and private agencies. In Iran, NI started Book Clubs to discuss the history of social movements in Iran and provide a forum for youth and activist to openly debate, which recently reached one thousand members. In light of the recent Arab Awakening, NI organized tourist boycotts to oppose the dictators of Bahrain and Egypt.                                                                     

Since its inception, Nonviolence International has worked to promote nonviolence in the Middle East, particularly in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Projects and supported groups include:

• Holy Land Trust – www.holylandtrust.org – is a Bethlehem-based non-profit organization that promotes respect, equality, justice, and understanding in the Holy Land. Nonviolence is a primary focus, as well as community-building and the empowerment of the Palestinian people.                                                                                                                          Syrian Protest, 2011 (CNN)

• The PNN – Palestinian News Network – is committed to objective, credible reporting from a Palestinian perspective. This group strives to empower the Palestinian people and to counter the over-representation of the Israeli perspective in mainstream media outlets.

• Al Watan Center in Al Khalil – www.alwatan.org – is located in Hebron, Palestine and is committed to the development and implementation of innovative and sustainable strategies for community reconciliation and Palestinian rights.

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