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What can I do? “lift your game” checklist? (Select 1 from each category.) Put on your fridge.

1     Make a sacrifice, preferably an on-going one

Sacrifice your personal security by giving a percentage of your annual income to causes/groups.

Resume a spiritual practice of yoga, meditation, swimming, music, art, cleaning, service.

Reduce your consumption of animals and/or animal products. Or weekly fasting.

Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.

Reduce your addiction to materialism. Be specific.


2. Dream Big (don’t just limit to your country)

Democracy reforms,

Reform of our religious and ethical  institutions, beliefs and practices,

Cure cancer

Economic reforms and economic security for all.

End climate chaos, abolish nuclear weapons, war, slavery, dictatorships

Ending supremacist ideologies such as sexism, racism, classism, jingoism, mafia capitalism.


3. Get Creative. Push beyond your comfort zone.

Become a social entrepreneur and start a social change project.

Do things that make you and others happy….everyday. Happiness is infectious.

Wear a safety pin and reach out to vulnerable people to let them know you have their back.

Re-train in nonviolent action, community organizing, canvassing, media, perma-culture.

Run for elected office.

Organize and lead civil disobedience including tax resistance. (did that just scare you?)

Engage people who are different in friendship, dialogue and mutual service.

Speak out even when you feel alone and vulnerable.

Or, __________________________________________________________

4. Commit to communities

Re-commit to the religious or ethical community which has its warts, and make it better

If you are not serving on a board or committee, are you really pulling your civic weight?

Involve your extended family more deeply in your work/passion/vision.

Stop floating around. Commit to at least 1 social change campaign that has specific goals.

Humbly serve vulnerable communities that are mobilizing for their needs. And serve kids too.


In life follow this query. Is this the right thing for me/us to do? And is this the effective thing to do?

So you can do a lot? But can you lift your game and commit?

Courtesy of Nonviolence International

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