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Peace and Tourism Trip to Ukraine!

An affordable travel opportunity either December 27 to January 3 or an additional trip segment to include Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas that extends to January 8!

Total Trip cost : By November 20, early Bird Part 1 Trip $1715, Full Trip $2590 .

After November 20, Late Bird for Part 1 Trip $2115, Full Trip $2990.

  If you would like to apply to join the tour, please click here.

Nonviolence International invites you to learn about and contribute to peace in Ukraine!

See and contribute to history in the making – join the Ukraine Peace and Cultural tour!

An affordable travel opportunity December 26, 2017 – Jan.03, 2018 / Jan.08, 2018


Ukraine is home to 43 million people and is the largest of countries located on the European continent. While it is rich in culture and history, dating back to at least the 9th century (AD) it has gained its modern independence only in December of 1991 as a result of the fall of the USSR. Since then the country has been constantly struggling to make progress on its way toward a modern and democratic society. These efforts were hampered by rampant corruption and serious social and political divisions, leading to two political crises over the past decades, including the events of the winter of 2013-2014 in the countries capital, claiming over 100 lives and resulting in the ousting of President Victor Yanukovich, followed by the formation of a pro-European government. These events and internal tensions were used by neighboring Russia as an excuse to take control of the Crimean peninsula (with a Russian majority population) as well as to support separatist movements in eastern regions of Ukraine, which resulted in a bloody conflict, claiming many thousands of lives. Though the level of violence in the east of Ukraine was significantly reduced after a cease-fire agreement was signed in February 2015, important parts of the country remain in the status of “self-proclaimed” territories and are not currently under the control of the central government.

Ukrainian civil society, though young and lacking many necessary skills and resources, played and continues to play an important role in these events. The Ukrainian people’s ability to collaborate, mobilize and organize played a key role in preserving unity in most of the country. This unity allowed, despite all odds, to keep open the opportunities for transforming the country into a modern, authentically democratic state. During the first months of the armed conflict in the east, it was Ukrainian civil society that carried the bulk of the burden of aiding its victims, at a time when neither the state nor most international organizations recognized how large and long-lasting the conflict would be. However, the need to deeply transform Ukrainian society in the conditions of an unresolved conflict in its eastern regions remains a serious challenge. Ukraine needs to simultaneously resolve issues related to the restoration of peace in the country, and start making deep social transformations.

Our peace and culture tour offers Americans a unique opportunity not only to get to know this fascinating land, which is currently making history, but also to contribute to the work of many Ukrainian civil society organizations and activists which are trying to promote dialogue and understanding between people with different political, social and ethnic affiliations, who are supporting victims of war and violence, defending the rights of various marginalized groups. You will be involved in an open dialogue between Ukrainians and Americans who seek a peaceful future for our peoples.

You will also have a chance to see samples of the soviet industrial legacy and witness how people are trying to improve the wellbeing of their communities despite a difficult economic situation and the nearby presence of an unresolved armed conflict.

The tour will become a great educational experience for understanding the lives and challenges faced by people in post-totalitarian states. And, certainly, the tour will allow people to enjoy Ukrainian culture, as its participants will join Ukrainians during their most important traditional New Year and Orthodox Christmas holidays.

The tour includes visits to Ukrain’s ancient capital Kyiv, to its “eastern capital” Kharkiv, to caves built by Orthodox monks in the hills over the town of Svyatogirsk, to a Ukrainian village,  to a soviet-era industrial city, and to an ethnographical resort. This will be combined with educational events, discussions and numerous joint activities with local civil society organizations.

Visit a country where you can witness history in the making and forge new friendships!

Early Bird Trip cost (airfare to/from Kyiv not included):

$ 1715     for Dec.26 – Jan.03

$ 2590     for Dec.26 – Jan.08

Date: Program
Dec.26 Departure to Kyiv
Dec.27 Arrival Kyiv,
 Introductory lecture: “Post-soviet trauma and Ukraine’s challenges”
Maidan square excursion
Dec. 28 Sightseeing tour of Kyiv
Meetings with peace-building NGOs
Dec. 29 Departure to Kharkov
Homestays in Kharkov (optional)
City excursion
Arts an crafts class and preparing presents for children and elderly living in the “gray zone”
Dec. 30
Holiday performance with IDP children.
“Clay therapy” class – stories of war and displacement
Stories about America – Q&A
Common dinner
Dec. 31 Departure to Donetsk region.
Homestays in Svyatogirsk (optional)
Meeting with internally displaced people in Svyatogirsk
Jan. 01 New Year in Ukrainian town
Holiday performance and activities with disabled children.
Discussion with local residents and IDPs about social organizing in Ukraine and the USA
Jan. 02 Excursion to Svyatogirsk Lavra and caves
Excursion “First battlegrounds of war in Eastern Ukraine”
Return to Kyiv (optional)
Jan. 03 Departure to New York (optional)
Work with humanitarian organizations and volunteers
Jan. 04 Ukrainian village struggling to develop in the vicinity of war – visit to Alekasndro-Kalinovo village and museum
“local self-governance in Ukraine and in the USA” – a public discussion with villagers
Homestay in Ukrainian village
Jan. 05 Visit to post-soviet industrial park in Konstantinovka, Donetsk region
Departure to Kyiv /”Ukrainian village” tourist complex
Jan. 06 Arts and crafts classes and excursions in “Ukrainian village” complex
Jan.07 Orthodox Christmas celebration “Ukrainian village” complex and Kyiv
Jan. 08 Departure to New York

  If you would like to apply to join this historic inaugural tour, please click here.



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