Peace and Orthodox Christmas Tour of Ukraine

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Nonviolence International is sponsoring a unique tour to Ukraine. It is such a forgotten country and so beautiful and suffering such challenges now with war and occupation.

Please join us in Ukraine this Winter to see cultural sites, to do homestays with Ukrainian families, to visit internally displaced communities, to visit peacebuilders and those trying to preserve civil society. And cap it off with an extended tour to experience Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas.

The tour will be led by our staff who dedicate themselves to promoting peace between Ukrainians and Russian and other groups in the region.

December 26 to Jan 3rd (just $1715)…and you can extend until Jan. 8th (just $2590).

Please invite your family and friends. There are virtually no tours to Ukraine, let alone ones in which we can visit peacemakers and listen to those suffering from the civil war.

Please Join us for this Historic Visit. For  more information, go to our itinerary page,  call us at +1 202 244 0951


If you can’t come but would like to support the work of the tour. Please go to our website and donate..and forward this email to your friends.

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