United Nations’ ESCWA Report on Israel’s Apartheid Behavior

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A report released in March by the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia in Beirut used the word ‘apartheid’ to describe Israel’s behavior in Palestine. The report raises key questions and highlights difficult truths about the apartheid conditions under which Palestinian’s live. Although this report has been substantiated and corroborated, the ESCWA removed the report from their website due to criticisms of the report’s authors and political pressure including the UN’s special envoy for Israel stating that, “the attempt to smear and falsely label the only true democracy in the Middle East by creating a false analogy is despicable and constitutes a blatant lie,” demonstrating Israel’s vehement defense of their human rights abuses.

At Nonviolence International we believe that difficult realities, such as the state of apartheid that Palestinians are perpetually living under, should be faced instead of being ignored for being politically inconvenient. To read the full report, understand the source of political discomfort, and learn about Palestinian’s day-to-day reality click here.

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