Registration Extended for Iran Student Peace Trip

Registration has been extended for the 2017 student peace trip to Iran until Monday, January 23rd!

The Student Peace Trip to Iran will be from March 9th-19th 2017 for students seeking a peaceful future between Americans and Iranians. More information is below.

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Nonviolence in 2016 and a year-end pitch

Nonviolence had a big year.  We need 2017 to be even better.   Please send a donation to  Nonviolence International

Here are some highlights of nonviolent campaigns worldwide this year.

Nonviolence in  2017

South Korea has had huge nonviolent protests against corruption that are about to bring down the president. This success is powerful and needs more coverage.

Brazil last week saw huge protests against Parliamentary corruption. Landless Workers Movement launched new waves of occupations.

Image result for south korea protestsMalaysia has had numerous protests including a huge protests led by woman leader who has been arrested and held in solitary confinement. Mubarak and I wrote an op-ed piece supporting protests against corruption.
In Washington DC, Nonviolence International fiscally sponsored Democracy Spring which got more than 1000 people arrested at the Capitol demanding an end to big money in politics.
On the religious front,  according to ” Pope Francis released the annual World Day of Peace Message for January 1, 2017, called “Nonviolence—A Style of Politics for Peace.” This is the Vatican’s fiftieth World Day of Peace message, but it’s the first statement on nonviolence, in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.—in history.”
Women from around the world, attempted to break the Israeli siege of Gaza. NI served as the US fiscal sponsor for the effort.
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Standing Rock protests have succeeded in stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline. This effort was led by indigenous people.
Image result for congress gun control nonviolent sit-in
The US congress staged a sit in for gun control. NI staff were there in support.
It is true that parts of the world were also filled with violence and injustice in 2016. Let us not however let darkness prevail. Only light can push out darkness.  And nonviolence is shining brightly in many places.
Please support Nonviolence International as we promote nonviolence around the world. We have an office at the UN in NY now that is advocating for nonviolence full time.  From Palestine, to Thailand, to Ukraine, to Iran, we are supporting nonviolent solutions to problems. Please make a commitment to nonviolence and donate monthly.

Nonviolence International provides nonviolence training for electoral college protests

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On December 19th , there were protests in 50 states and the District of Columbia asking electors to either not cast ballots until intelligence briefings are provided by the US government or not to vote for the nominees for which they were chosen.

Executive Director, Michael Beer,  trained 200+ nonviolent captains on hastily organized conference calls. Nadine Bloch, long time NI associate and co-founder of Beautiful Trouble provided the other trainings and pulled together the training outline.

To the best of our knowledge the actions have garnered lots of attention and have been nonviolent.    These protests were successful for 2 reasons.

1)More electors have defected from Trump than any other presidential candidate in US history.

2)Many of those trained, were first time activists.

We urgently need to train the next generation of activists in the US and around the world.  Please become and monthly donor to help Nonviolence International provide more nonviolent trainings.



10 Great U.S. Nonviolence Groups

Here are 10 great US groups promoting nonviolence in the United States. Nonviolence training is so important right now,  and nonviolence groups are routinely underfunded compared to environmental, feminist, health, LGBT, and many social change groups.  (Other groups underfunded are anti-war groups and anti-poverty social change groups.) Please over emphasize nonviolence groups in your giving.

These are groups Nonviolence International vouches believes are making a difference. There of course many others worthy of support. (and many international nonviolence groups as well).

Waging Nonviolence

A fabulous blog on nonviolence. Great place for nonviolence news and analysis.

Center for Nonviolent Communication

Promotes a brilliant approach to interpersonal communication that is widely practiced in more than 50 countries.

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Is the coalition of religious peace fellowships in the United States for the last 100 years. Has done a lot to support the Black Lives Movement in the last 2 years.

Resource Center for Nonviolence

Promoting nonviolent social change locally and internationally. Based in Santa Cruz county, California.  A truly inspirational resource center.

Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Led by Kathy Kelly who should win the Nobel Peace Prize, VCN has focused on supporting nonviolent movements in Afghanistan, Syria and other countries who have suffered from US war-making.

War Resisters League

The organization is 100 years old. A fabulous group promoting conscientious objection and nonviolent revolution. They have focused on police violence in recent years.

Beautiful Trouble

A top-notch group focused on teaching creative, really creative nonviolent resistance and civic mobilization.

Metta Center for Nonviolence

The most important education resource center about Gandhian Nonviolence in the US.

Training For Change

A top notch training outfit.  They specialize in training trainers and facilitators for nonviolent social change.

Pace E Bene and Campaign Nonviolence

Promoting a culture of peace and organizing nonviolent training around the country.

(We have omitted Peace Teams from this list including Nonviolent Peaceforce, Peace Brigades International, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Metta Peace Teams, Gandhi Brigades,  Witness for Peace, and others that do accompaniment and 3rd party nonviolent intervention. All are worthy of support also.)

We hope this is helpful during this giving season. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Student Peace Trip to Iran

Nonviolence International is launching an affordable alternative spring break opportunity to Iran for current students! The Student Peace Trip to Iran will be from March 9th-19th 2017 for students seeking a peaceful future between Americans and Iranians. More information is below.

For more information click here.

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