Jul 28

10 Days Away From Bet Lahem Live Festival!

Bethlehem Festival LogoWe are only ten days away from what has –in a short few years– become a great global festival. The atmosphere in Bethlehem is full of excitement and anticipation. In the midst of unprecedented challenges, a beacon of hope and a sense of joy are beginning to fill the alleyways of the old city.

10 Days to Go, click here to Give NOW

This year, our affiliate Holy Land Trust will have more diverse workshops, stronger panels, a unique presence of global artists, as well as double the local artisans and cooperatives filling the historic Star Street and sharing their creative art and products with the thousands who will attend. All are coming together to celebrate Bet Lahem Live Festival!

With all the achievements and hard work the financial goal has still not been met and we are turning to you as our friend to ask you to help us through your generous donation. With YOUR help we raised 49% of our goal so far. We are grateful for the support that every one is giving & we are half way there!

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Jul 23

Livestream: Campaign Nonviolence National Conference

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.46.25 PM

Share the excitement and wisdom in Santa Fe of the  Nonviolence National Conference from August 6th to August 9th.   Some of the world’s greatest minds, all dedicated to creating a nonviolent culture, are meeting and lending their voices to build a world free of war, poverty and environmental destruction.

The conference sold out months ago but you now have the ability to see all of the events, speakers and panels, live and free through the live broadcast.  That means anyone with a computer or a smart phone, whether in the inner city or a remote desert, can see the conference as it happens in real time!

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Jul 13

Join NI in Petition to End Employment Discrimination

qasemIranian Professor Qasem Exirifard has been refused renewal of his contract due to the pitch of his voice, which the Khajeh Nasir Tusi University of Technology has called “feminine”. Click here to join Nonviolence International in a petition to the University to end this blatant discrimination based on basic physical characteristics.


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Jul 06

Interview With a Released Freedom Flotilla Sailor

FFDR[Courtesy of Freedom Flotilla Coalition] It was at the end of March when members of Freedom Flotilla Coalition had the chance to meet Dr. Moncef Marzouki just after the World Social Forum in Tunis. The meeting only lasted for a few minutes, however Dr. Marzouki’s response to the question “whether he would like to help FF3 and maybe join our flotilla as a sailor” was immediate and clear: “I will be on board Freedom Flotilla 3″.


Three months later Dr. Moncef Marzouki did what was agreed during the FFC meeting in Tunis. He arrived in Greece and boarded on the “Marianne of Gothenborg” to carry himself, together with the rest the sailors in all 4 boats of Freedom Flotilla III mission, the message of solidarity and hope to Gaza and to all Palestinians.

Just a few hours after his return, Dr. Marzouki was asked four questions by FFC media team about his participation, what happened on board and about the Palestinian people:  Read the rest of this entry »

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Jul 02

NI Hosts Lecture by World-renowned Palestinian Journalist

DaoudToday Nonviolence International was privileged to host well known Palestinian journalist Daoud Kuttab in Washington, D.C. for an afternoon lecture open to the public. Mr. Kuttab voiced an argument for the efficacy of strategies for nonviolent action at this stage of the Isreali-Palestinian conflict, including international efforts such as boycott, divestment, and sanctions. Mr. Kuttab also shared his unique perspectives on current conflicts across the Middle East. We invite you to join the nonviolent movement in Palestine by supporting Nonviolence International initiatives, such as the Freedom Flotilla and the Nakba Musem.

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Jul 01

‘Freedom Flotilla’ Sailors Imprisoned in Israel

[UPDATED: 2015-07-01 18:16 GMT+2] Freedom Flotilla Coalition:

It has been more than 50 hours since Israeli navy attacked the “Marianne” in international waters, 100nm from Gaza, during one of its usual acts of State piracy, always behaving as the bullying state of eastern Mediterranean. 18 participants on board were kidnapped anad brought by force and against their will to the military Ashdod port. During the operation of seizure of the “Marianne”, which IDF called “uneventful”, Israeli soldiers used violence against participants on board.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 24

Next Stop: Gaza














Freedom Flotilla III embarks on its attempt to break the blockade.


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Jun 13

Nakba Museum Opening

NakbaMuseumProject3Nonviolence International is the fiscal sponsor of the the Nakba Museum Project of Memory and Hope. The exhibit presents a legacy of Palestinian voices, offering remembrance and respect for Palestinian history. The Nakba Museum opens today, June 13th, at the Festival Center in Adams Morgan. Find more details about the Nakba Museum Project on their website. Please visit the exhibit, and spread the word.

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Jun 11

Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla Approaches Mediterranean Sea


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Jun 11

Conference Organizers Buckle Under Public Pressure

Trinity 4In response to pressure from conference attendees and the public, the organizers of Trinity Lutheran Seminary’s Seeking Peace in the Holy Land Conference allowed Dr. Mubarak Awad to make a brief statement in the opening day of their program. Conference attendees responded with a standing ovation. In spite of this show of support as well as demands from attendees to restore Dr. Awad’s full participation in the conference, organizers refused.  A large and diverse contingent of Jews and Muslims, Christians and Palestinians from the local community attended Dr. Awad’s presentation as a show of support for the inclusion of Palestinian voices in the peace process. The Columbus Dispatch covered the story; read their take here. For more information on the conference’s exclusion of Palestinians, see our original post. Dr. Awad reminded listeners that “I don’t want to be the main focus of the conference, but I also want to let them know that they cannot ignore Palestinians… [we] have to be heard, even if people don’t like what [we] say.”


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